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Proposal Submission

You consider creating a new organisation or activity (project, programme, publication, event, service …) that has the potential to contribute to the development of the University for the Future? Or you already started your own process of creation and seek to connect it to the broader development activities of the University for the Future Initiative?

We are keen to come to know more about you/ your team and your endeavour and to explore options for co-creation, synergy and joint quality development. Please feel heart-fully invited to come in touch with us by email and/or by filling in the form below.


Display the form for submitting proposals

1. Title

Please provide a title or working title for your undertaking.
Note: The title can be changed anytime in the process.

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2. Category

Please choose a category for your proposal.
Please read the note below and tick the relevant box. If your ideas pertain to more than one category, please submit separate proposals.

 Organisation Programme Project

Note: In the terminology of the University for the Future Initiative:

  • An organisation is a legal entity that is formally empowered to host and run programmes and projects. Examples are associations, cooperatives, private companies and foundations.
  • A programme consists of permanent, recurrent or serial activities. Examples are educational and research programmes, publication series, event series, as well as services.
  • A project is a set of fixed-term activities. Examples are research, action-research and action-learning projects, infrastructure, ICT and quality development projects, as well as campaigns, single events and book publications. The development of new programmes and the incubation of new organisations from conception to launch is also considered a project.

3. Abstract

Please summarise your proposal.
Please provide key information in ca. 250 words in your own style.

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4. Team

Please briefly describe your team.
Please name the coordinator and the team members, and describe their role and background in max. 3 lines per person.

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5. Sharing

Please specify the circle that you find appropriate for sharing and discussing your proposal.
Note: Please, feel free to strike the balance between protection and openness that suits your situation best. The circle can be extended or restricted anytime in the process. Regardless the level you choose, you authorise the University for the Future Initiative to publish the (working) title of accepted proposals.

 Governance of the University for the Future Initiative only Supporters of the University for the Future Initiative (U4F Community) General Public Other (please specify): 

6. More

Please feel free to ask any question you might have, provide any complementary information or upload existing documents.
If you would like to share several documents, please compile them in one pdf.

7. Contact

Please leave the email address of the contact person.

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